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Attached is my first Affinity Photo project. I made a rendering using Rhinoceros w/ Vray plug-in. The post production was all done in Affinity Photo. Things I had issues with or am working on :


- Panoramic Tool? I had to use GIMP.

- Skew / Image Perspective tool? Has this been added? 

- Grass brush? Where is it?

- The lasso tool is a bit odd for me, still. I can't get the hang of it. Adobe's was more user friendly.

- The wand tool is choppy, regardless of how much time I spent changing parameters. I don't have time to select everything with the lasso. 


All in all, awesome work Affinity Team! The interface is really nice. I am still learning and am excited to watch this develop.




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Good start Jakub. Nice model.


Looks like maybe some perspective matching is a little off. Particularly the bicycle rider (a shadow underneath him would help put him on the ground) and the dark wall on the left hand side, it seems a bit off compared to the buildings left stone wall vertical. Until there is perspective tool, some guidelines would do the job.


Maybe some brightness and contrast tweaking too would help to match up with the strong sunlight of the photo.


Also as I'm sure you're aware there is a pretty glaring mis-match on the cement curb area...

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Hi all,


i bought affinity photo a month ago and this is one of my first experiments: never used photoshop so i'm really a beginner.


The modeling was done in sketchup: i exported three separated files: lines; shadows and materials.


Great program!


(Sorry for my english)


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