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I can't save my work. An internal error? I've tried save-as. Save-as elsewhere on the drive. It's not a network location. I'm trying not to use expletives, but REALLY?????


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Try selecting all layers in the Layers panel (all at once), copying them then File > New From Clipboard and if that works, try to save that new file locally

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Sorry this is happening. We have not seen this much in Designer documents before, but have a hunch. We think that most likely only one layer will be problematic.

You could

  • Create a new document the same size as your first
  • Copy and paste top level layers from one document into another.
  • With each pasted layer try to save the new document
  • At some point you should find one layer that (once pasted) will stop the new document from saving.
  • Remove that problem layer from the new document and confirm it goes back to succesfully saving.
  • Then copy all other remaining layers over to the new document and try saving again with the problem layer missing from the new document.

If it turns out that only one layer was a corrupt, then recreate that layer in the new document. Please report back if this helped and what the layer was.

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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Bingo! Thank-you Patrick!! Yes, one layer, which has been there since the last iteration of this file, seems to have messed everything up. Thank-you so much for your timely help!

The offending layer was an embedded PDF, which was my titleblock exported from AutoCAD. 

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