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Radu F

Stroke thickness on PNG export (

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I found an issue when exporting a PNG file. If you set transparency to a stroke, that specific stroke will be thinner when exported to PNG.
To reproduce this, try the following:

- create two rectangles with "rectangle" tool
- set the interior of the rectangles to white
- set the stroke of the rectangles to green for example
- put the rectangles one above the other as in attached image (one of them will serve as a "control" rectangle)
- for the top rectangle set the stroke opacity to 50% (only for the stroke)
- select both rectangles, go to - File - Export - PNG - Selection without background
- the result should be as in the attached image

From what I experienced, this issue appear only if you export "Selection without background" and only if that specific stroke is on the exterior of the artwork.

I use Affinity Designer on Windows 10.

Annotation for PNG.jpg

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Hi Sean,

Sorry, it looks like it's a Windows issue.
I imported the PNG file in Affinity and it looks well. I opened it also with Paint and it looks well. It seems that is a problem regarding how Windows photo viewer display the PNG images.
Thank you for taking the time to investigate this!

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