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Repeating Assets - Frame Tool (similar to Frame Text)

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Good afternoon people;

I believe that, like me, everyone who makes patterns in Affinity uses the method to create Symbols > transform into Assets.
At first I found it strange, but nowadays I confess that I prefer this than other software methods, especially by the easy editing of the Symbols tool.

My only problem would be this: when it comes to replicating this as Assets, sometimes it's kind of annoying. 
I would suggest to the Affinity Group a Frame Tool option, similar to that of the Text Tool to facilitate the creation of Patterns.
Something like that: the user selects his Asset as an individual object or a Frame; if the user chooses as a Frame, 
it selects the applied area and, as a result, the Tool replicates as many times as necessary to the appropriate size within the Frame Area.

I made this horrible drawing/print to demonstrate, using the Frame Text to show something like I was thinking.

Thanks guys, you're incredible. 


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That looks like a simple pattern fill?

If you save the image as an image file, you can do that using the Fill Tool - just create a big rectangle (or whatever shape you want to show the pattern on) and use the fill tool - in the context toolbar, select "Bitmap" from the "Type" popup and you will be prompted to select an image file.  Use the handles that appear to adjust the size, angle and position of the pattern.

Is that what you are looking for?

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