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Node tool does not have the new flyout with new Node tool.

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Ever since I upgraded to Designer 1.7 I have noticed that my node tool does not contain the new upgrade to the node tool. I have tried other new features but still am a novice on designer.I have included a screenshot. it shows version and on the right you can see that there is no ticker for flyout with the new node tool.

Screenshot (3).png

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If you are talking about the polygon/freehand lasso selection, I think it is not a new tool but an added function to the existing one. You can access it by selecting the Node Tool(A) and pressing alt+dragging, it seems to just work on curve layers.

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Hi RodneyM72,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums!

Unfortunately you need to reset the 'Tools' bar for the tool to appear, or alternatively if you've already customised it, drag out the new tool from the 'Customise Tools' dialog).

To do Reset the tools go to View > Customise Tools and then click on the 'Reset' button. You will see the Point Transform Tool appear with the Node Tool.

If you have already customised your toolbar you can just drag out the Node Tool combined with the Point Transform Tool. It looks like the regular Node Tool, but has a white triangle in the bottom right. You can then remove just the node tool by dragging it off the Tools.

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22 hours ago, RodneyM72 said:

I am talking about the new transform mode for the node tool

If that is what you mean, it isn't a fly-out, it is an option on the context toolbar when the Node Tool is selected. From your screenshot:


If you mean the Point Transform Tool, you can add it to the Tools panel as @Sean P suggested, or customize the Tools panel to have individual Point Transform & Node tool buttons.

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