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Hi there, could someone help me out with this issue about Affinity software?

Recently I updated both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to v.1.7. After the update, when I try to save, it returns me an error message, which you can clearly see in the image I attached. I have my Desktop connected to OneDrive, uploading anything I save on it automatically. 

I tried to save the file in the "Download" folder, which is not connected to OneDrive, but it gives me the same error.

I love software by Affinity, that's why I bought them, but this way I really can't work with them.


Ps. Exporting files in other formats (.psd, svg, ecc...) works fine.


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Hi iamrobertsillo,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums,

I presume you are using 1.7.1? Do you know if you have 'Controlled Folder Access' enabled for Windows? If so does turning it off allow you to save? If so you should be able to whitelist Designer in Windows so you can both save and still use 'Controlled Folder Access'.

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