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Creating Dashed Lines

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can I create dashed lines in Photo? If I google for it, everything I find is about the Designer, not Photo. I’m having a hard time believing this can’t be done though.



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Sorry, Jörg, but I’m afraid you’ll have to begin believing that it can’t be done in Photo on iPad! In Designer it’s done via the Stroke Studio, which is one of the studios that Photo doesn’t have.

If you have Designer you can create a file containing a dashed line, open it in Photo, copy the line from there and ‘Paste Style’ onto a stroke in your Photo project, but because there’s no Stroke Studio you won’t be able to alter the dashes or the length of the gaps between them.


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Update: I got Designer. I can also open my project in Designer and paint the line in right there. There was some weirdness going on, as changes from one App did not show up in the other right away (after saving to iPad). I think I needed to closed and reopen the projects. I also got worried and created a bunch of copies in between - so Im not sure what the most efficient workflow is yet. But, bottom line: I was able to open my file in Designer, do what needed to be done and reopen it in Photo.

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Due to the way iOS and Affinity handle file saving, it can be little confusing knowing what edits are saved in sandbox, in default folder and in the folders of your own choosing. If you make a simple doc, say a coloured rectangle, and save it with the various methods, each time edit by adding a colour circle on top and change circle colour each save, you can see when your edits update the folder file and when it doesn't.

 This workflow works for me. 

1. Create new doc, edit and use Document menu Save a Copy. Navigate to folder of your choice (iPad or cloud service, any folder).

2. Return to Affinity app Home screen (where all docs reside). Tap hamburger menu for newly created doc and delete it. (It only existed in sandbox and is now gone).

3. Tap + on Home screen and Open from Cloud. Navigate to the folder where your copy is saved. Edit your copy. In Documents menu tap Save (the Save menu was created when you made a copy). Your edits are now being saved back to the folder you opened the document from.

Don't forget to refresh the Files app to see any changes.

The copy on the Home screen is still saved in sandbox but is linked to the copy in your folder. If you choose to tap the Home screen docs Hamburger menu and close the document you will still have all your edits (provided you saved in the Document menu in the work screen). However, if you tap Save in the Hamburger menu, you will create another 'copy' of the current file in the default storage location and the 'link' to your own folder will be broken ie. your in document saves will no longer update in your own folder. The new file in the Home screen is now only in Sandbox. Either way, to keep edits you need to manually save the files. The work screen Document menu combined with Open from Cloud is the way to go.


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