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Detach artistic text from master page changes the position of all art text on all pages, including master

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Hi, here is a bug.

Story: I make a master page, add artistic text as Heading 1, align to center and top of page. Then I make some new pages based off that master page. I'll go to the first one, detach it so I can edit, change the original h1 text content, go to alignment - align left, then click finish.... The master then changes to the left side too..... When I go to the next page, I'll align center, and all pages based off this master page now go center (including the one I just aligned left).... I go to the next page based off this master, align right, same thing: Everything is now on the right, including the master.

Computer spec / hardware: Windows 10 Pro laptop, no external hardware.

Affinity Publisher Version:

Reproduceable / Happens in new document?? Yes and yes. See attached file.


If this is not good enough, I'll make a short video of it. But please let me know if you need it first.



Edited by discomushroom
Was not just a child problem. All instances of the same master page have the problem.

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