Apologies for waking up this thread, but I have been through all the documentation, and about ten potentially-related forum posts, and this is the closest topic thread I've seen, for resolving what the difference is between Clipped Highlihts/Tones/Shadows. I do understand the normal Highlights and Shadows clipping scenarios (at least according to a few other Raw developers), but for me, a Clipped Highlight/Shadow could be just one channel, or it could be a few. Not sure if I understand the intent of indicating when it's only one channel. I think I see what AndrewRodney was hinting at: perhaps it's when a channel is blown for a given colour space, but the raw data might have more wiggle room using a different colour space. I was trying to repair a few of these "Clipped Tone" indications, and wasn't sure how to go about it. I realize there's probably a message or documentation entry that addresses this, but I'm probably using the wrong search terms, so apologies again for calling this out. Thanks!