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Striped artboard in Affinity Photo/Designer. Improperly optimized for Lion

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In both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer 171 on Mac OS X Lion creating a new document results in the striped art-board as shown in the pics below (the top - Affinity Photo, the bottom - Affinity Designer). In 1.6.x versions of both apps there're no such artifacts.



Update. Apparently I was wrong for the worst: I keep old versions too so it happens when (1) I Iaunch either of AP and AD 1.7.1 (2) after opening newer versions when I launch the old AP for the first time those stripes are even in the old version. The next time I launch the older versions (both apps) it's OK however I see these glitches in the newer ones every time I create a new doc.

It's too confusing even to get these issues described and reeks of polishing. As of now, slow down adding newer features, focus on ironing out bugs and performance. I hope serif staff is reading these threads.


Update 2. I rebooted into Mavericks partition where I also have these 2 apps installed but 1.6.  not 1.7. I can confirm that what I thought to be occasional hiccups in Lion have turned out to be a regular pattern both in 1.7 and 1.6 but only in Lion. In Mavericks creating new documents is smooth and I guess it's true for High Sierra although I haven't tested it yet since I work rarely in it.


To developers of both apps: since the minimal supported OS X is declared to be 10.7, please optimize them for it as well. I understand that in might not to be fun to work with implementing features and improvements for such «awfully outdated», «antiquated» operating system but for those that for various reasons still run this «antiquated» OS and since you touted AD/AP to work across OS of different state of freshness we would be grateful to you if our UX lived up to these empowering promises. Thank you.

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Hey scrutinizer,

I wonder if perhaps Photo has defaulted to using Metal instead of OpenGL. Can you please go to Preferences > Performance and screenshot the dialog and attach it here so we can see what you've got set.

We still have plenty of users on Lion/Mountain Lion and this isn't a common issue that we see (or at least what I see). 

I would ensure you are using OpenGL if you are set to Metal. The screenshot will help clarify some things anyway so we'll start with that.

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Hi scrutinizer,

I still cannot reproduce this. Your settings seem fine—even with the 35 minute file recovery interval. Any reason that is so high btw? It should really be set to the default of 300 seconds (or less). 

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