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Can Publisher auto-produce facing page book gutters

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In most books, the spine gutters are or can be different widths to the outer edge gutters. I can’t see where Publisher does this, if it does? So you have facing pages, the two inner gutters will be slightly larger than the two outer gutters. Of course one can set this up I guess when first setting up the document but I’m kind of hoping it can be, or is, automated somehow.

Publisher produces pages automatically from an imported long document, but doesn’t seem to have an option to set the ‘facing page’ gutters.

But of course, if I’m wrong and I probably am, could someone kindly point me to the setting option please?

quote from a different program.

The Increase gutter by option controls the distance (in millimeters or inches) between facing pages in your booklet. Note: The value specified for gutter does not change the page margins or layout defined in your original document. The gutter is an extra margin intended to allow space for binding”





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There is the little chain link icon on the far right just make sure that is as in the image so the margins are not 'linked'. You'll get the exact same margin for all four if it is linked.

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Hi Harry, it would be a fine feature indeed.

However, I have never used or needed it in my layout software. Gutters were / are always applied during the imposition process by the printers — gutters depend on the thickness of paper and the accuracy of printing press and binding/cutting machines used, so, in my opinion, the people using the machines should apply them and somfar always have done so.

It would be interesting, to display facing pages with a space between them and being able to create/see a bleed for the inner part of the binding (might be tough to pull off though, I don't know any dtp software that can do this and honestly never actually needed it — for me it would be a theoretically real cool thing to show off with, but wouldn't have any real life application).

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