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Hello, I'm a Type Designer from Thailand, using Affinity Designer for my typeface specimen. So, sorry for my English!

In Thai language, we have vowels. In Thai fonts, we use OpenType features such as ligature or mark to make fonts work and display correctly.
So, Affinity Designer works perfectly for Thai fonts in 1.6.5

Check my image, that is the position of marks supposed to be, Check my attached video, that is an issue I've found. It happens when I'm using 1.7





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Is this still an issue?
Is it for all fonts with diacritic marks?

I am trying to place Unicode text from word doc with diacritic marks.
its a real nightmare - does super weird things inside Publisher, even graphically distorts the tool box, very odd.
Is this being looked at, as its a pretty common thing to place fonts with marks, European languages etc.

For now I am having to retype and then manually re-apply the marks. See sample attached.

As you can see it places some, while replacing others with pretty little boxes :-)


diacritical marks.jpg

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