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Publisher: Work around for fold-out book pages?

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Hello Everyone, 

Purchased Publisher today hoping to upgrade from Scribus for a 260 page photo book project. I like the way the Publisher works with images as I remake each spread. Very precise. However I wanted to include several fold out pages for this book and just learned this is not possible. 

Is the best work around to create separate PDF files for each fold out? Does this make sense to anyone? Put in a blank page spread for each fold out in the main PDF. 

I believe some printers request fold outs delivered in this manner. Comments are welcome. 

RT Simon

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Hello, Thanks for your reply. I realize this limitation. However, I could produce these tri-pages in Scribus and supply them to my printer as separate PDF files. That was my original question. The way I understand it, spreads can only be placed into a book between signatures, so they are treated separately from the main PDF file anyway. Just looking for clarification from other experienced book designers on this topic. RTS

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I have been calling for the ability to create more than a 2 page spread for some time and the ability to individually set page size. I’ve heard all the arguments about using guides etc to achieve fold outs etc but it’s not the long term answer. Affinity has yet to acknowledge the benefits of the above in out of the ordinary design work or that in the future development of the program it will be considered. We can but hope though. Now that a lot of the major restructuring of the software is, as I understand it complete, more time might be available to consider expanding the use of Publisher. As it is, Publisher is pretty damn good and studioLink is superb but it still can be even better with a small number of improvements such as this. In my mind I feel a lot of professional designers will not switch to Publisher from InDesign while it can only produce a 2 page spread.

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