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I have a problem where creating and updating symbols is broken in one part of my file but not other parts. I think there is some sort of corruption or incorrect hidden setting inside the hierarchy, so that creating and updating symbols works in one part of the hierarchy, and doesn't work in another.  When it doesn't work it looks like it creates a symbol but the symbols aren't acting as if they are connected. For more context, the part of the hierarchy where the problem is occurring used to be underneath a symbol



I've included the problem bits of my file here, BrokenSymbols_Start.afdesign is before they become symbols and BrokenSymbols_Finish.afdesign is after they are symbols and duplicated



I am using Designer


I also have a separate question, when you have a symbol underneath a symbol, what is the expected behavior when you update an instance of the nested symbol?  Is the nested symbol supposed to update when an instance of it elsewhere is changed?

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Hi @Remi McGill Audiokinetic,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

I've deleted all the symbols and "Property/Component Inspector" is still linked somehow. I can't really tell how it become linked - perhaps it was part of a symbol at some point? Also, your symbol panel has multiple instances of the same symbol so it's impossible to tell what (and when) it went wrong. If you manage to replicate it in some clear steps, we can look into it. For future reference, it's not a good practice to have symbols within symbols. 



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