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Hey all,

I'm struggling to create and export an Alpha Channel from Affinity Photo (v1.7.1.404) to a CMYK .TIFF image.

The image has been masked out and I'm trying to make a named Alpha Channel to be used as a Spot Colour for digital print in an Onyx RIP (To be names 'Spot 1' which refers to a Spot White Ink).

Please see the attached screenshot for the masked out area which I'm talking about.

I've followed several other posts and YouTube/Vimeo video's and it's just not clicking for me.
The image will export as a .TIFF but it won't export an Alpha Channel no matter what I try.

Methods I have tried:
1. Mask out areas, on the 'Selection raster Alpha' channel, right click, and 'Create Spare Channel' and name it 'Spot 1'

2. In the layers under Adjustments, create and Channel Mixer and pull up the Alpha slider.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help! :)


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If you have an alpha channel created you can export your TIF with an alpha channel. On export panel - format TIF - you have to push the "more" button at the bottom and there is a choice for background color. There should be none. Your exported TIF should be fine with CMYK and alpha channel.

If you want your alpha channel as a separate file, select your mask in layers palette, then in chanel palette you should see a "mask alpha" channel. Right click and choose create grey scale layer. Now export this as greyscale image - and you should be able to color this as you like. But I couldnt find a way to have a greyscale image with alpha channel and beeing able to recolor it in Publisher. In this case the alpha channel disappears.

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