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Affinity Photo – resize image when resolution changed

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Hi Affinity, loving my new software (Photo, Designer and Publisher) bought them all yesterday and looking good so far.

There is one thing that I just can't seem to work out. I do work for a publishing company and it is important that they know the size of their images at print resolution (300ppi). Otherwise they use the pictures too large on their layouts and we can't make PDFs to send to the printer.

So before any layout work is started we make sure that all the images are 300ppi.

In Photoshop this was very easy. Image > Image Size > Document Size - change the resolution of the picture to 300ppi with 'Resample Image' unchecked.

Photoshop then alters the physical size (width and height) of the picture so it still looks good at the new resolution.

So for a picture that was 72ppi to start off with we end up with a smaller picture when the resolution is changed to 300ppi.

I can't seem to get this to work in Affinity Photo.

I have gone into Affinity Photo > Document > Resize Document. I have changed the DPI from 72 to 300 and unchecked 'Resample', but it is not making the image physically smaller.

I have been playing around with this for ages and I am getting nowhere.

Am I missing something? All I want is to be able to resize images to the size they need to be at 300dpi.

Affinity Photo looks amazing, I am sure there must be a way to do something as simple as this?

Thank you for any assistance.



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Hi Affinity, please disregard my earlier question. 'Affinity Photo – resize image when resolution changed'.

I have just worked out the Affinity way of laying out pages and handling pictures. Love the little dialogue box in Publisher that lets you set the resolution at the layout stage on the actual page. I have always tried to get the picture sizes sorted out before the layout process begins. But I love the way you do it. Just got to explain this to the designers I work with...

Onwards and upwards in this brave new world... Thank you

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It might be, that in a workflow with publisher all works out fine. Still I'm astonished that I can not change the image size in affinity photo, if I like to see it's size in cm or mm and change the resolution with 'Resample Image' unchecked. in fact, it seems like it changes the size of the image anyway if I chose cm or mm and change the resolution …

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The Affinity way of doing things is causing a few problems.

If you work on small projects where the designer handles all the picture gathering and the page layout then the Affinity way works ok (ish).

When calling the pictures into the Affinity Publisher pages you can see their max size at the resolution you need for print (300) and design the pages accordingly.

BUT if you are part of a bigger team with a more traditional publishing workflow then someone else is handling the picture gathering.

Normally that person is not a designer, they are a picture gatherer/picture researcher. They do not place the pictures onto the pages, so they don't use Affinity Publisher. It is incredibly useful for that person to know that the pictures they have gathered are physically big enough (at 300ppi) to be used in the printed publication. It is too late in the workflow for the designer to discover at the page layout stage that the pictures are too small.

When working with Adobe products I have solved this problem by giving the picture researcher a Photoshop droplet that automatically resizes any picture to the size it would be at 300ppi. Then the picture researcher knows straightaway if there is a potential problem and can source larger versions or different pictures, before passing the layout job onto the designer.

It would be incredibly useful if Affinity Photo handled picture sizes the same way as Photoshop. All I want is to be able to resize images to the size they need to be at 300dpi. I can't seem to do this in Affinity Photo. Grrrrrrrrr.

I have all 3 Affinity design programs. They are brilliant. I am a huge fan of Affinity.

But this resize image problem just seems like such a simple thing that has been overlooked.



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