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Q: Any good artwork available for IT related subjects?

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Hi all,

I haven't really had time to look into this due to time constraints on other work (sorry....), but is there any good IT related (pref. vector) artwork available for the Affinity apps?
It would be nice to directly use stuff from a e.g. artwork/icon library instead of importing things.

If there's no such thing yet, any tips, links etc. to useful artwork relating IT subjects - think artwork regarding pc, tablet, phone, internet, switches, routers, viruses, malware, hacking  etc. imagery  -  and basic chart/graph/diagram stuff will be greatly appreciated!

Anything to make slides more interesting to look at, but avoiding the more standard (cheesy) photo stuff you find on a Google search or at a stock site.
So something that looks a bit more pleasing and professional, and make it possible to quickly start building up presentation material ;)

Free or commercial work is not an issue.

cheers all for any answers,


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Have you tried Graphic Mama? https://graphicmama.com/
I’ve used some of their work before and it’s all been top-notch great-looking stuff.
Not sure if they do an IT theme but you might be able to mix-and-match from various bundles keeping the same sort of art style.
Or, if cost isn't a problem you could ask for something custom and get exactly what you want.

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