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How to achieve broken glass effect

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I’m new to this kind of software, so I’m trying some practise projects. One being to design a playing card for a game I play.

The card has text that I want to put on a broken glass pane. In Photoshop I was able to achieve what you can see in the attached picture.

I’m now recreating this in affinity and wonder:

  • How would you approach creating an effect like this? I’d like to try various approaches, so I can learn from them.

In Photoshop I created multiple transparent rectangles with various effects that I then masked (e.g. to “paint” light in). I’m not 100 % happy with the result in PS either.

I’d be happy to learn to do this better. 




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Sorry to dodge the question, but from a game design perspective I have to say that shattering the text on a card is a really bad idea!

No matter how thematic you think it might be, a major goal of a game designer must be to make the game as easy to interpret as possible.


To create broken glass my approach would probably be to start with a photo of broken glass.

I might then simplify it , either with filters in Photo to reduce the complexity, number of colours, mask out small details etc.

Or I would trace the major shapes in Designer and experiment with effects as you have done. but the key will be to look at real glass as a reference. Reflections will be hugely important - so you must have something to reflect rather than an abstract white glow.

In your image you have lightning and strong colours that would reflect in a dazzling way from the sharp edges of broken glass. It would also not be uniform.

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Hi, thanks for the answer!

As to the game design aspects: I‘m redesigning an existing card that is well known by all players. The text needs to be legible in case a detail needs to be looked up, but in general you can assume that any player would see „Kuhsyuk“ and immediately know the card‘s effect by heart.

I like the idea of starting with some picture of glass. I looked around and found some Photoshop tutorials for how to make/keep glass transparent. I‘ll try to adapt it to Affinity.

Also ... getting the light right will be quite difficult for me. It‘s really difficult for me to imagine what I want and then create it just like that. But well...practise is the point of this exercise.



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