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Glitched source / Memory issue

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So we use Affinity Designer professionally for UI work at the company.

A designer colleague just saved his 1.6.5 source of some web design in new affinity 1.7 and it became a literal mess.

I had to open it on my personal PC which has more RAM, but it managed to BSOD my PC on first try.

On second try it opened but pagefile was filled up like crazy and bitmaps in source had glitches (maybe from no more memory)

I can provide source files privately to the developers if needed.

When I was opening that source file:


When I noticed it took over all my C drive storage. I somehow managed to save each page as new affinity source file though.



You really need to have a beefy desktop i7, 16GB of ram and proper GPU to actually work on real projects with lots of artboards.

Even then it's prone to crash and lag a lot. It's frustrating.

I really hope pages instead of artboards will fix this issue.


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In that image, your C: drive has 0 bytes spare! I'm surprised your PC is even still running!

What was your spare disk space before opening the file? 11GB is a lot of memory, but it's not unexpected for some documents. On Windows, when you ask for memory, if the OS can't provide it, it will allocate memory via a page file which is a file on disk, normally your C: drive (assuming C: is your system drive). If your disk is full, and the current page file fills up, it will fail to allocate any memory, so the application may crash or otherwise perform "unusual" operations.

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Well duh. I know how pagefile works. I just didn't expect for Affinity and Windows to go beyond all limits.

I took that screenshot when I had that document opened in Affinity to show what happened.

My PC had paging file set to automatic. My C drive had 20GB of free storage before that and pagefile took all of it.

I manually changed it now so it doesn't happen in the future.

But the problem is still there. How are we supposed to use that source file now if it does this?

Even when I open it it's glitching all over place.

PC specs: i7 6700k, 16gb ram, 1080ti

EDIT: Tried loading that source again with lower pagefile and got BSOD.


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Done! I also have seperate artboards saved from the this main source, if you need.

But bitmaps are glitched because of lack of storage I guess.

The thing is, we cant revert back to 1.6.5. now once its saved in 1.7


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