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Hi there!

I’m very satisfied with my experience with Affinity products on iPad, yet there is one major issue bothers me and keep me hesitated when thinking to use Photo or Designer, it’s that both of them doesn’t provide a decent support for Arabic language, the letters is reversed and not connected to each other.

As an Arab user, I need the language to be fixed for me to get rid of all other apps I use to write Arabic texts and transform it to PNG then to Affinity Photo and Designer, I can’t even recommend Affinity apps for my college designers because of this exact issue!

I kept waiting for one of the updates to fix this issue, yet there is nothing, no change, please fix the Arabic language so Arab users  can finally ditch other apps and relay completely on Affinity products.


Thank you in advance for creating such an incredible software experience, it’s really a great pleasure to have it!

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The desktop versions can't do this yet either and people have been begging for it for a long time.  Evidently Serif considers this something that will take significant time to implement and they are focused on other features for now.

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