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font update after using Adobe Illustrator

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I was using Illustrator and using 2 fonts, Myriad and Book Antiqua. When I got through I opened AP and found a little box about the font cache being updated, with fonts being installed or removed. I looked for the fonts I had been using in Illustrator, and Myriad doesn't show up in AP (Book Antiqua does).

This confuses me because I just assumed that AP (like every other program I've ever used) would just use whatever fonts I had on the pc. So I have two questions. Why is AP "updating the font cache" just because I used fonts in another program? And why would it remove one of them?

Edit: Are there any videos about using text in AP? I couldn't find any in either the new videos or the legacy group. The "help" link from AP doesn't have much there either. My text needs are pretty basic but I thought it was curious that I couldn't find much of anything in the way of help.

AP, Windows 8-64 Pro.



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I just found out there's a ver 1.7.1 and downloaded it. It does not pop up the "updating font cache" window after using Illustrator, but I'm still puzzled about why AP doesn't show all the fonts I have on my pc. (And is it removing them from its list after I use Illustrator?)

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Good catch! It is not in the Windows font directory.

It's interesting that Myriad is not there but Myriad Web Pro is. (I guess Adobe didn't TM the name or something.)



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