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This isn't a bug, just a translation error that I, as a Brazilian user of Affinity Designer, noticed so, please, include the correct word in the next update.

In the English translation, under the VIEW menu, you can read SHOW BLEED and SHOW MARGINS commands.


But in the Portuguese translation - yes! In Brazil we speak Portuguese, not Spanish! -, under the EXIBIR menu, you can read MOSTRAR MARGENS twice. The correct would be MOSTRAR SANGRIA (for Bleed) and MOSTRAR MARGENS (for Margins).


I would really appreciate if the translation team could pay attention to this detail that sometimes makes me choose the wrong option on the menu.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Gil Carlos Volpato

Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Whoops that's not right - I'll get that passed on to the translation team to get sorted.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Thanks, Sean P.

Can you help me one more time, please?

I just saw that in the TRANSFORM panel we have the letters W for WIDTH and H for HEIGHT.

Setting the user interface to Português (Brasil), we can see the same W for WIDTH (in Portuguese this should be an L for LARGURA) and an M that I really don't understand what it means. In Portuguese, this could be an A for ALTURA. So, the right combinations should be W and H, or L and A, discarding the M for MYSTERIOUS.

Sorry If I am annoying, but after three decades using another software, I am really loving Affinity Designer and I want to help.

Thanks in advance.



Captura de Tela 2019-06-27 às 09.08.51.png

Captura de Tela 2019-06-27 às 09.13.19.png

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I’ve just checked these labels in the iPad apps. The width and height labels are spelled out as ‘Largura’ and ‘Altura’, while the rotation and shear/skew labels are ‘Rotação’ and ‘Cisalhamento’ with the latter slightly truncated. (If ‘Cisalhamento’ is correct, the abbreviation should obviously be C rather than S.)

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