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Specific Emoji Use in Publisher/PDF

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I've been working on a project in a Google Doc with the intent of exporting it and sprucing it up before printing/PDFing it. I found the content suffered from verbose, wordy descriptions, and that some well-placed emoji served as intuitive symbols. And the Microsoft emoji font jived with the aesthetic I was already working in.

Well, I've run into a problem: despite how it worked perfectly when I did test runs a few months ago, now—depending how I export it—the PDF will only use Google's emoji font, or the monochromatic version of Window's emoji font. And none of it imports into Affinity Publisher right. 

I saw a forum post a year ago here where the official Serid response was they do not support pictorial typefaces, but that had to be before Publisher, right??

Is there any way to get the emoji to display as intended, be it in Publisher or something else?

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If your emoji font is a color font, I am afraid I have to say things haven’t changed since one year ago. Color fonts aren’t supported by the Affinity Suite yet. :(

You can only try to bring in these emojis into your Affinity document by placing them as images (SVG, PNG, etc.).

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