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Latest version of Affinity designer installation keeps failing. 

Only one topic here addresses such similar case, in which a solution is to do a clean reboot. 

Wich won't cut it, in my case. 


As I attempt installation, by pressing "update" in the setup/installation-wizard window. 

It will say "preparing" and some loading bar will fill up real quick, when full or almost full, it'll simply & plainly display a "failed" in the window. 

This happens when I try and install the latest version, I already have affinity designer installed. 

Is that mabey the problem? 

I just don't want to find myself in a situation where I have uninstalled affinity designer and still it won't work...like me if it won't ha ha. 


I'm running it in Windows 8.1

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Can you please navigate to the below location from the Run Dialogue. In this folder you will find Crash Reports generated by our apps. Please send us the .dmp file with the latest Created/Modified Date.

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