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Is there a way to change the way that the brush panel interface displays brushes within Affinity's desktop software?
For instance, currently it's a list with the large brush previews by default, but could I view them as just icons, or even a list with smaller previews?
And is there a way to view the brush names along with the previews?

The reason I'm asking is, having the brushes as icons (like in PS) helps with efficiency as I don't need to scroll through a list to find the brush I need. 
Similarly, having the title display with the brush in a list (like on the iPad versions of Affinity), would be handy as sometimes the previews can look similar but look different when being used. 

That way I can check the title of the brush I choose to make sure it's the right one. 


Let me know! :) 

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This has been requested a few times, but is still not an option in the desktop versions of the software as far as I'm aware.

It's the main reason I end up using other software for art/illustration, as it's so tedious and inefficient to have to hover over similar looking brush previews to find the one I'm looking for.   Every update I check to see if they've added the option in, but no joy yet.

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Hmm, that's strange. 
Hopefully they'll include a few brush display options in future updates - thanks for the heads up either way!

Speaking of iPad version features that the desktop apps could benefit from - I really wish Designer's Pixel Persona on desktop had the magic wand/floor selection tool like it does on iPad. 
It's one of the primary reasons I find myself switching to Photo for selection tasks within the document. 

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