Basic Operations: Start with the basics of using Affinity Publisher. UI overview: Explore the Affinity Publisher user interface. (04:15) New publication: Set up your publication for desktop printing or electronic/print-ready PDF delivery. (03:06) Open and import: Open an existing publication or import PDFs. (01:55) Pan and zoom: Navigate around your document for focused editing. (03:05) Selecting: Edit one or more objects by object selection. (02:11) Moving, resizing and rotating: Transform objects on the page or via Transform Panel. (03:29)   Page Layout: Establish the basic building blocks of your publication. Pages: Add single or two-page spreads to your publication and navigate between them. (08:28) Master pages: Find out how master pages can be created and applied in Affinity Publisher. (11:55) Sections: Divide your publication logically into separate sections (e.g., preface, TOC, chapters). (04:42) Page numbers: Add page numbering and section names to master pages for page navigation. (05:21) Rulers, ruler guides and column guides: Position ruler and column guides on your master/publication page to snap to. (08:29) Baseline grids: Vertically align text baselines using a document, text frame or table baseline grid. (07:08) Picture frame tools: Add picture frames to place an imported image or document into. (04:38) Placing content: Add images and other Affinity documents to your page or picture frame. (11:02) Linking and embedding: Find out how you can link or embed your placed images and documents. (04:54) Pinning: Make images move with reflowing frame text as your story develops. Also great for picture frames, tables and text frames. (06:34) Assets Panel: Use the panel to store your own custom assets (e.g., text frames and picture frames) for later use. (03:42) Shape tools: Introduce geometric shape to your page for visual interest. (05:14)   Text Tools: A look at the text tools available to add title, body copy and decorative text. Simple text: Add text to the page in Affinity Publisher and apply some text styles. (04:14) Frame Text Tool: Set up your text frame and introduce body copy to it. (07:04) Linked text frames: Flow text through placed text frames to keep your story text connected. (11:02) Text styles: Use text styles for consistent heading and paragraph text in Affinity Publisher. (17:09) Text wrapping: Make text flow around overlapping images, picture frames, text frames or tables. (05:01) Text on a path: Artistic text can follow a line, curve or outline of a shape. (04:28) Artistic Text Tool: Add scalable decorative titles and headlines to your publication. (04:32) Find and Replace: Locate text and formatting in your publication and replace individually or all in one operation. (08:55)   Typography: Learn the essentials of great typography Characters: Fonts and font attributes: Find out how to change fonts and their attributes. (04:50) Characters: Kerning and tracking: Adjust the horizontal spacing between characters. (04:38) Characters: Optical alignment: Aesthetically align starting or ending characters in paragraphs. (06:03) Characters: Special characters: Insert any glyph or special character from menu, Glyph Browser panel or direct input. (04:40) Characters: Advanced typography: Edit your artistic and frame text's character and paragraph properties. (05:51) Paragraphs: Alignment, leading and inter-paragraph spacing: Align paragraphs or adjust the vertical spacing between text baselines and paragraphs. (07:32) Paragraphs: Text Ruler for indents and tabs: Use the on-page Text Ruler to introduce indents from your frame edge, as well as add tabs. (05:59) Paragraphs: Bullets, numbers and initial words: Present list items with bullet characters, number any lists and emphasise initial words. (07:50)   Advanced: Use a range of advanced features for more powerful publication design.  Tables: Add tables to your page to present data in a more structured way. (15:45) Table of contents: Add a table of contents to quickly jump to referenced pages in your publication. (06:34) Indexing: Reference important terms in an index that gets you to information fast. (06:12) Hyperlinks: Create hyperlinks to another publication page, Internet web page or inserted anchor. (06:18)   StudioLink - interworking with Designer and Photo: With Designer and Photo installed, you can make use of powerful graphic design and photo editing toolsets and features. Designer Persona: Vector Brush and Pencil Tool: Introduce some ornate filigree using stabilised brush and pencil strokes. (05:16) Designer Persona: Multi-stroke/multi-fill effects: Shapes take on a cool look with multiple strokes and fills. (03:21) Photo Persona: Paint Brush Tool: Paint realistic brush textures on page backgrounds for a cool creative look. (02:05) Photo Persona: Removing image areas: Make unwanted pixels disappear as if by magic. (02:02) Photo Persona: Applying creative live filters: Give your publication images a creative boost with live filter layers. In this case, we'll introduce some motion blur. (02:21)   Publishing and Sharing: Output your publication for electronic delivery or desktop/professional printing. Spot PANTONE colours: Add spot and PANTONE colours to your palette and apply to your page. (06:14) Desktop printing: Explore a range of print layouts for desktop printing. (06:44) PDF publishing for web: Find out how to publish web-ready RGB PDFs. (04:14) PDF publishing for pro print: Find out how to publish CMYK PDFs for professional printing. (05:43)