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Hey there,


I'm starting a post about the interface problems in order to list and create a roadmap like kind of post. I'm gonna also suggest some optimisations of the UI in order sometimes to gain only 1 click, but definitely improve workflow and reduce the amont of stress/anxiety people get when starting using a new app.


I apologize for my English and if a Moderator wants to edit my posts, I have no problem with that.


I'm going to edit this post regularly and add screenshots of the issues I encounter as well as the suggestions.





Case 01:


This is my current workspace and this just happened, the dropdown menu should have the higher z-index value in my mind.




 Case 02:


I find it really hard to resize the Tool Panels (Finding the scale cursor at the bottom of the panel).

It is not possible to resize the boxes once they are snapped and some Tool Panels have always the same size where they aren't floating like the Swatches Panel which result in the lost of usable space.




Case 03:


It is currently not possible to create two columns of Tool Panel next to each other, the second one can only be made of floating menus.




- When the gradient tool is selected, a large part of the Tool area is empty, whereas we have two dropdown menus "Context" & "Type". It would be nice to have icons instead on the free space available like the two blue highlighted icons on the image. It would save many clicks. 




- When you create a color palette from system/document/application it gives you a tons of colours. And I didn't find a way to remove several colours at once and it will take age to remove them one by one. This is a problem for creating style guide for example.




- Is there a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker? I didn't find it in the documentation.



Thanks for your time and I hope you find that is relevant feedbacks and useful post.

Have a nice day!



Freelance Designer - eddytritten.com - @EddyTweetten

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Hi Eddy,


Thanks for your post - and please don't apologise about your English, it's great :) Genuinely useful and thoughtful post, thank you - we'll try to get these looked at :)




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