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Swatch import on iOS apps!

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I really need to be able to import swatches in the iPad apps, and I can find no logical reason not to have this feature. I can import brushes, fonts, symbols, assets, but not swatches? It is essential when working with color to be able to import a palette with specific characteristics. On the desktop it is so easy to do, but on the iPad it is impossible... 

Also I considered creating a swatches set myself from an imported image, but this required so much back and forth, clicking and opening menus it was a nightmare and I gave up after 4 colors.

Please implement importing swatches soon. 

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Please, also like Desktop version, import palette from document


iMac Retina 5K, 27”, 2019. 3.6 GHz Intel Core 9, 40 GB Memory DDR4, Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB, macOS,iPad Pro iPadOS


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AirDropping a swatch from the mac to the iPad doesn't seem to work (you can save it on your iPad, but no reaction otherwise).

So as a workaround:
- start affinity on macOS
-  go to your swatches and export
- open a new empty document 
- go to your swatches, import as document palette and select the swatch you exported.
- save your swatches.afphoto image
- open affinity on your iPad (main screen, not working on an image)
- airdrop your swatches.afphoto image from the mac to the iPad
- Now you can open your swatches... 

Not great, but at least I didn't have to manually set hundred or so colors.

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Just adding these for reference...


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I spent around $260 in Affinity’s 50% off sales this weekend, and within my purchases are numerous .afpalette files which not only can I not load, I can’t even view on my iPad!

Extremely frustrating.

Please Affinity, can you make this happen now?

Pic attached of 6 of the many palettes from my purchases, they’re blank if you try and view the individual files, too. 


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