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Please Save My Settings for Lasso Tool and Refine Edge (& other tools)

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Every time I open up a new photo in Affinity Photo, some things are saved, and some things aren't. Quick select, for instance, continues to have the same width as on the previous document. Same for brush tool. 

But I really, really wish the lasso tool and the refine edge menu would save settings. This means that, if I used polygon lasso tool on add mode with a 2px feather in the previous document, I want that to be the same in the next document. 

Perhaps even more importantly, refine edge should have a checkbox for "remember these settings." When I'm doing product photography for an Amazon listing, I want the refine edge to look the same on all of the images. Right now, in order to do that, I need to either memorize what settings I used or take a screenshot. That one program that starts with a P had a checkbox for "remember these settings" on the refine edge, and it was a life saver.

There's a good chance that there's some logical reasoning why things are the way they are, but these are just my thoughts. Thank you so much :)! 


Edit: also, btw, when you finish making a selection and you have some feather turned on, can you separate out the "set current raster selection" and then "feather applied" when the person finally double clicks to make selection? I know it seems strange thing, but this is actually a pretty big deal. I don't know about other people, but I've lost 15 minutes of careful lasso selection all because, after finishing the selection, I realize I've had feather turned on, and there's no way to undo just the feather part. This is something that annoyed me both in this program and in that other Ph***sho* program. 

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