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Denoise - from filters v live filter from layer

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Hi.  Trying out the two methods of denoise filter with the same settings, I get a very different look from each method - much smoother using the destructive filter.  Is this supposed to happen this way? Same result on and beta 1.404.

Thanks, Nigel.

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Hi Nigel

This is to be expected. The destructive filter estimates the noise level throughout the image and scales the intensity of the effect accordingly. The live filter cannot do this as the full image is not available to it due to the tiled nature of the rendering pipeline.


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Thanks, both.  Just to be clear, the numbers on the settings sliders won't therefore be comparable? And you won't be able to get the same intensity (if that's the right word) of smoothness out of the live filter at maximum (which seems to be the case)?

Cheers. Nigel.

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