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Witamy na forach Serif Affinity :) 

Sorry but at the moment we are not planning on adding any more languages, but I am sure that many people would be happy if we did. Translating the software, documentation (help and video subtitles), the website and all marketing communications is quite an undertaking, but I expect more languages will be added over time.

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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@Patrick ConnorI use Serif programs (among others PagePlus), but I am convinced that there is nothing to be afraid of the new opening. After today's show I am sure that the company will grow continuously :) And you will find man-hours for the Polish version - there are many Poles in the UK who know English, someone with a good language and knowledge from the industry will finally join. Maybe some incomplete support (without translation of documentation and similar) - just good language support (checking grammar and Polish interface) would be a big thing.

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