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1) Photos have been imported from Ricoh GRii to iPhoto. 

2) On Ricoh's, when you shoot JPEG+RAW in black and white, the JPEG will be black and white but the RAW will always be in color. 

3) From there I am attempting to import a black and white photo to Affinity. When viewing the photo library to select which photo I want to import, the black and white photo appears black and white and there is the RAW icon in the bottom right the photo. 

4) I then import the photo but it will only appear as the color RAW version. 

5) How do I import the JPEG instead of the RAW? 

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I needed to clarify my post.

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@We'll C Not sure about Ricoh but generally jpeg will be lower quality than raw. Why not use the raw and simply apply the black and white 


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That's a good suggestion. I would need to see how it compares to the Ricoh GRii's black and white effect, as that is largely what the camera is known for. 

I believe I found my answer on another forum, however. Affinity only allows the import of a RAW if it's a RAW+JPEG file. 

If Affinity sees this post, this is a big pain point for workflow. I hope you guys allow users to choose RAW or JPEG during the import of RAW+JPEG files.

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Not sure if this will help but you can only import RAW into Affinity Photo by using Open or Import option.

Instead try using IOS drag and drop from photos into Affinity home screen, that will not import the raw photo but instead should import a jpg version. Only concern it might not be the jpg version you want. 

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