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Outstanding BW Open issues for Sigma Merrill RAW:

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Can confirm has full control over noise removal, especially chroma noise (working since recent betas: thank you so much), and is fully usable now on Sigma Merrill cameras. Also, only as of 404RC2 is EXIF and focus reliably consistent.

BW images still open as colour: no benefits from in-camera BW captured images. Additionally, some BW images shot at higher than base ISO open like linear exposure (super dark).

Quick test images (apologies for quality):
6745, ISO100, BW: in and .404RC2 has EXIF and focus info, but recent prior betas were partially missing EXIF & focus metadata. In all versions, these open as colour (should be BW).

6742, ISO800, BW: Very difficult trying to extract a workable image from these RAWs (shot higher than base ISO). Opens fine in other RAW editors.

Why Not Use Normal Colour to BW (Post-processing Conversion):
The key issue behind this is that the Foveon Merrill can capture the full spectrum at every single 'pixel' (photosite), and output it in BW (like a Leica M Monochrom). No demosaicing is required (or ever wanted). When these are shot as BW in the camera, Affinity Photo opens them as normal colour images, and loses all their benefits. For instance, Foveons also normally capture full spectrum at every 'pixel', and when all treated as BW, you can get 3 times as much sampling per pixel as the monochrome Leica, for improved noise.

See earlier post (Issue #1): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/80333-med-resolution-images-auto-upsampled-to-high-bw-images-import-as-colour/



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That's super kind and professional to follow-up, @Chris B! Really, really appreciated.

I just shot a parade, and had to go beyond what the camera can normally manage for colour photos (don't laugh: 400-800 ISO!), and so was forced to fall back to BW (unexpected blockages stopped me from using my tripod, so I had to deal with 450mm and motion and smoke bombs, hand-held on my toes!).

I'm getting better at AP's workflow, and I hope its BW gets improved so I can stay within AP for my BW images. I've attached a better one to play with. Congrats on the new platform that lets you dynamically switch Affinity apps according to the context of your work. That (from the Affinity Live video) was impressive, and will really help the brand's success.




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Still no change for current beta. In fact, BW images still missing all quality benefits, and still an outstanding issue for all versions since January 2019.

Nudges, bumps or escalations all appreciated.

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