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Publisher and Fontbase

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Installed the new GM version and opened a poster previously created using fonts activated in Fontbase. The poster comes up with substituted fonts and  when  I load Fontbase Publisher crashes. If I launch Publisher after fontbase is running it picks up any activated fonts, but if I try to activate another font publisher crashes. On the first method a message came up in Publisher whilst Fontbase was initializing saying the Font Cache was being updated - then crash. This had worked fine on previous versions

If you want the crash report please advise location and place upload a copy of the poster as this is confidential at the moment.

The fonts in question are Cheri Liney and Breamcatcher

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Just some updates after trying different scenarios

The Cheri Liney font had a style added so tried a few options deleted the text that did not have the fonts installed and it still crashed

Installed the Cheri Linney and Breamcatcher  fonts to the windows fonts and everything was OK and I could activate new fonts from Font Base.

Created a new document and added text from fonts from font base closed saved and closed fontbase, opened again and substitute fonts loaded, when I opened fontbase the correct font was added to the text.

I next applied styles to the fonts (different to the first problem) saved and closed. Opened AFPub again and loaded the file which showed the substitute fonts with the style, went to start Fontbase and as soon as it fully loaded Publisher crashed. So looks like styles may be part of the problem

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