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Feature Suggestion: Interactive PDFs

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It was suggested to me to create a feature request thread concerning the ability to create interactive PDFs in Publisher. I had asked if this was possible currently in Publisher and unfortunately it isn't so I am asking if it could be a considered feature as it would be awesome to have and not having to deal with Adobe's products (InDesign) to be able to make them. I'm sure other users would find the ability to create interactive PDFs in Publisher to be super useful, not just myself haha.

Kind regards


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Video linked but showing in the page in a frame like a photo does? sliders? xml animations? in this last option maybe been able to import from an app like Tumult Hype? just letting  imagination fly.

By been more serious we have now the linking to a URL an ankor whats fine and good, I will like to suggest that the possibility of using a form (graphic form) as a linking button will be useful, now is only possible using a font with a square character resized on the top of the graphic with transparency 0, and must say that works and maybe is enough. A button different states, at list hoover could be also a nice addition. And a print button!! I like to make pdf as pdf, that means long and scroll and just cut in the middle for an A4 for pages that need to be printed, its an approach to make it as digital media not just a "to print" version distributed digitally :) but this is of course very personal design choice.

Must say that how it works now is pretty useful and good :)

Joaquim Berenguer



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Maybe there already is this function and I just don't know because I don't yet know how to make interactive PDFs at all but absolutely will need to know in the future. What functionality I need is to be able to have images that change when you click them, I'll give an example.

I have an image of a man

I click the man's head to cycle through hat choices

I click his torso to cycle through tshirt choices

I click his legs to cycle through trouser (pants) choices

When I am happy with the choices I can then print the image of the man with the choices I selected

This is a very basic example but sums up what I need to do with it, I know it is possible to do, I've seen it I just don't know how and would like that functionality in Publisher rather than having to deal with Adobe.

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Interactive PDFs are an essential feature for me too - InDesign is currently the only application that I know of that can create them reliably.

If it helps with future planning, the following features are the minimum I would like to see Affinity Publisher support:

- Create PDF Buttons with optional rollover and click states.

- Button Events: On Release, On Click, On Rollover, On Rolloff

- Button Actions: Go to Destination, Go to Next Page, Go to Previous Page, Go to Next View, Go to Previous View, Go to URL, Show/Hide Buttons, Go to Zoom (inc. full screen).

Fingers crossed!

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Publisher can do most of the linking needs, page, anchor or URL, it does only on text and works fine. To use it on a graphic just made the graphic a one letter text on top using a full square character, make the link and then transparent 0, the same for some anchors needs and it works fine, no rollovers but works fine and for most cases is enough.

Joaquim Berenguer



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On 6/16/2019 at 4:27 AM, Fixx said:

What interactive features you would need?

Simple text boxes to complete.

I create court forms in PDF with your legacy product, but would really like to achieve this with Publisher instead. I trained as a draftsman back in the 1970's but for some reason one of the courts I deal with always shipped back my forms that were completed by hand as "unreadable". Now I have everything set up so that I simply fill in the form with the Arial font and print. This has put an end to their returning my completed forms as "unreadable".

New requirements by the Bankruptcy courts here in the U.S. do sometimes require mathematical calculations, so I guess that ability would be nice as well.


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I am in the process of moving from CS2 InDesign to Affinity Publisher, and I congratulate those involved in creating a reasonably priced competitor. I am enjoying the entire suite immensely. I was disappointed, however, to discover that the Interactive facility in Publisher is so rudimentary. In the on-screen version of my monthly publication I include arrows in the footer margin of my Master Page for "Previous Page" and "Next Page." I see no way to do this in Affinity, which limits you to linking to a specific page--which will not work on a Master Page, and would require (in a fifteen-page PDF) an incredible amount of work and diligence to place two links on every page. Just imagine the mess if you moved one or two pages.

So my kudos for an excellent program, but I would like to see the Interactive facility be expanded.

Thank you.

coram Deo

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