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How to make brush build up when painting over same area?

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First of all sorry for this question as I've probably just missed something obvious somewhere but what I'm trying to do is to paint with a brush set at say for example 10% but so that if you paint over an area it should build up and get more and more opaque.

Currently to do this if I set the brush to say 10% and paint over the whole canvas I'd get my colour all over at 10%. What I want to happen is that the paint starts to build up so I can make it more opaque in places and not others but without having to lift my finger and start painting again. 

Is this possible at all? I've used it in another App and thought it would be possible in AP but perhaps I'm mistaken?

Many thanks for any help with this. 

Best wishes,



P.S. Sorry should have mentioned I'm using an iPad Air 2 so no pressure sensitivity. 

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I don’t know is this is any help? Have you tried the wet edges setting? I think it gives that kind of effect, it’s on the context toolbar at the bottom in both the Photo brushes and Designer Pixel persona brush settings.

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