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Tonal Range Selection - incomplete (100% not possible)

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I am becoming familiar with Tonal Range Selections, and comparing those with manually established blending ranges, using a grey scale gradient for testing. The three Tonal Range options,  Shadows-Highlights-Midtones, while quick, do not seem to allow selection of the entire tonal range of the image. 


The three selections each have feathering at one or more edges, the leave part of the image left out of the selection.  8x10-gradient-High-Mid-Shadow-Selections.thumb.jpg.c182597c794b4b63d076af5928376502.jpg


I tried using the Refine Edge options, which reduce, but do not eliminate the issue.

Thus, I proceeded to develop a similar technique, using Blend Ranges (with a total of 10, of 10% each, for a combined possible selection of 100%). For example, here's the first 10% range, with a green fill layer underneath.


I appreciate the 'smooth transition' that might have been intended by the feathered Tonal Range Selections, but find the lack of a complete selection using the provided method problematic. 

Since the Macro functionality of AP is limited, but at least does allow recording Blend Ranges with the recent update (!) as part of a Macro, that's the tack taken.  Ultimately, as macros do not allow renaming a "Spare Channel" (nor does the focus of the name field shift, when using the right-click 'rename' option), I hope that some of these concerns might be addressed.  I tried adding a Keyboard shortcut for the Spare Channel without success.  Being able to edit Macros in an offline editor would be great.  But, even the copy-paste-delete methods available in the likes of PS would be quite helpful.

If indeed there is not an adjustment to overcome the banding I demonstrate, I am not sure if  AP users are aware of this Tonal Range Selection being incomplete.  My searches on this Forum did not find such a topic. 

I own many photo editing programs, and RAW converters, and am enjoying exploring Affinity Photo, the stacking and panorama features in particular.  The many video tutorials are most appreciated as well!


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I took another shot at finding a work around, with the Refine Mask options, and still conclude that the transition at the edge of each selection is gradual, and that this cannot be removed, with the available adjustments within the Tonal Range selection or Refine Selection controls.  Another indication of this transition manifests in the Histogram, which has a non-vertical (sloped) edge, indicative of the same feathering, as per below.

Histogram: Shadow - Tonal Range selection

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