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drippy cat

Drag area of pixels into assets panel

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Hi. The update looks very impressive but there's one thing I'm having a problem with. Within AP for the iPad I want to drag and drop an area of pixels which is on its own layer into a category I've created on the Assets panel. I can't figure out how to do it. I'm using the move tool to drag the pixels towards the Assets panel but it folds up and out of sight as soon as I get close to it. Is there a way of doing this via selecting an area of pixels or is there a video covering this or can you give me a step by step guide?


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Hi drippy cat,
I'm afraid this is not possible (using drag and drop). The only way to add assets to the Assets Studio is by using the command Add Assets from Selection from the subcategory menu in the Assets Studio. So if you want to add the whole layer just select it in the layers panel and add it to the Assets Studio as I described above. If you want just a pixel selection from a pixel layer you have to copy/paste the selection to its own layer then add it to the Assets panel as described above.

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@MEB - just put my order in for the release version next week and downloaded the latest beta. Looking to play with assets so I followed the link at the bottom of your posts to Affinity Quick Reference

Unfortunately most of the links on the Resource page end with an error 404. Could be useful to update or delete the links, it's a bit frustrating hitting that page a lot.

Is there a tutorial for loading/importing and adding your own assets?

Also are there any assets being shipped with the release version?

Finally, what asset types are compatible with Publisher?

Love playing with this package, getting really polished now. Thanks.

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