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I discovered a bug, which I can't reproduce right now but still wanted to let you know.

I've been working in Publisher ( in Fullscreen Mode (I believe this is the important part). I had another App open in Fullscreen Mode to the right of Publisher and a third App open to the left, that was NOT in Fullscreen Mode. I then went some (about 10-15 i guess) steps back (Cmd-Z) in Publisher. Right after that I tried to add 2 new Pages to my Publisher document via right-click and the App stopped responding. Two things I noticed: First I couldn't do anything in Publisher anymore but taking any action i wanted via the top menu (File, Edit, Document...). This still worked which got me thinking. Second, and the solution (Though this behavior shouldn't be expected, right?): I then swiped Publisher to the right (3-Finger Trackpad Gesture), so I got to the App on the left Side, that wasn't in Fullscreen mode and there you are: The Popover to add Pages occurred on that Space (over the wrong app) instead of on the Publisher space which ran Publisher kinda unresponsive as it expected me to take any action with the "Add Pages" Prompt. Unfortunately the Popover faded out immediately every single time I swiped over. Once I closed the app to the left the Popover stayed on my Desk so I could Screenshot it.

Please let me know If this (which actually isn't a crash) also may have created any kind of log-file that I could provide to you.

Thx :)

Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-14 um 08.05.38.jpg

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Hi @Scapa,

I'm afraid this would not have generated any reports/logs. I'm struggling to replicate this here. If it happens again or if you manage to find some steps to replicate it, please let us know and we can look into it. 



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