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First of all: Love the new features, especially the isometric grid, cant wait to use them seriously!

Usually i work on my laptop and have an open browser to google stuff.
I noticed that the panning/zooming drops in performance significantly when i switch back to my Affinity Designer Window (artboard).

After restarting Designer it works ok for a while, but it always comes down to opening a browser window, switching back to Designer, zoom in/out - no animation or it does not zoom properly.
If i want to pan - then i would need to use the navigation bar even though Space + drag is so convenient when using a tablet.

In the past it was a non-issue, so i really don't know if it's my hardware.
I used to do Vector/Pixel-based Artwork and Designer handled everything fluently. I panned and zoomed like crazy  :13_upside_down:
Now i struggle with simple Logo-Designs :31_neutral_face: 
Could it be that Designer has become a bit resource-hungry since the update? Or is it me? Can i do something about it?

My laptops' specs:
i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz
Intel HD Graphics 530
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (i switch them up sometimes)
Wacom drivers are up to date (intuos pro)

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Hi AvesNoctis,

There is a known issue when switching window using a Wacom pen that will cause Panning/Zooming to stop working, and also make the pen only draw straight lines.

Could you go into your Wacom Tablet Properties and disable the 'Use Windows Ink' option in the Mapping tab please and see if that resolves your issue.


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We have made fixes/improvements to this area (Wacom Tablet starts drawing straight line after changing focus) of the program in the latest Windows customer beta of Affinity Photo and/or Affinity Designer. If you would like to try these changes the beta software is available in the forum posts listed below. However, you will need to enable Windows INK inside the Wacom Mapping tab. 

The beta builds are in links at the top of these beta forum posts.

Once these programs have been through a full beta process the change will be released in a future free 1.8.0 update/patch to all customers.

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