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After using 1.7.0. extensively I left the app open overnight and through the next day (with no documents open). When i returned tonight Photo was unresponsive.

I checked Activity Monitor and it showed Photo consuming over 70 GB memory. Note that Publisher was also running at the same time – any connection?

Similiar things happened during the Beta, but at that time the app also consumed all virtual memory, and subsequently all free space on my startup SSD. This didn't seem to happen this time with 1.7.0. The disk looked normal, although the Photo memory use reported by Activity Monitor looks extreme.

Mac OS 10.14.5
Mac mini
Intel Core i7, 3 GHz, 16 GB

Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 23.16.20.png

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As my problem seems pretty isolated - could it be that it was a conflict with the app Memory Diag?

Memory Diag tries to free up memory under constrained situations. It looks and ”feels” nice to see your "Free Memory" go from, for instance, 170 MB to a couple of Gigs – but who knows what it actually does, mucking about in the memory management? Perhaps better to stay off it.

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I'm not too sure. I've seen that app mentioned on the forums before but I can't find the thread and I can't recall if it was causing issues or if someone was just saying they used it :35_thinking:

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