So I have looked into this and I have changed my mind (for now) about a workable solution to the problem. The difficulty with splitting this forum by product is that there are a number of projects that are created in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer or more recently some Affinity Photo AND Affinity Publisher (or Affinity Designer AND Affinity Publisher). It would now be obvious where to put those projects if we had per-product sub-forums. Consequently we have spent some time tagging a lot of the posts (recent posts, regular contributors posts, post with many replies and post with many views) according to the application they were made in. This is my initial results. Affinity Designer posts in share your work Affinity Photo posts in share your work Affinity Publisher posts in share your work In addition to using consistent tagging on around 1/3 of the 3200+ posts here (so far), we have set the application as the "prefix" tag, meaning it appears before the thread title in red. By scanning down the front page of this forum you should see any work that may interest you using that red tag. [Any we have got wrong can be corrected by the OP, but I think I have done quite a good job]  Unfortunately I cannot find any way to search for more than one tag (like "Affinity Photo" AND "Affinity Designer") in these off the shelf forums. So as a work around, any share your work threads (that I can tell from the text or the tagging was) made in more than one affinity application is also tagged "multi" (as well as the application tags themselves) in case you are interested in jobs that use a mixture of applications specifically. When a new post is made please tag with the application it was made in, so the searches above work. If anyone forgets we will add the app (if we can tell) and we will also set the application tag. If this solution is thought not to resolve this issue then we will stop, but I think it helps a lot. Many of the remaining untagged posts could be addressed by reading the contents and a moderator adding the right tag. If you are the author of one of these untagged posts please feel free to edit the tags yourself so they show up using the searches above.