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Dear All,


A. Situation

Being new to "Affinity" I am working to use this software instead of the big A package. Quite impressed and pleased by functionality, look & feel.

I often use this workflow

> import .jpg files > modify file > export to .pdf for archivation

Default settings used for export. I am observing that the selection area appears to remain somewhere in the backgrund of the file, causing unwanted small lines in the exported file. A sample is attached.


B. Configuration

OS: Windows 10 x64

Version: 1.7 (appears on 1.6.5 as well)


C. Action

Is the bug in front of the machine (as usual)? Is there any setting to avoid this behavior? Thanks upfront for any support.


Anmerkung 2019-06-10 194743.png

Edited Monday at 07:50 PM by Joschik

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Hi Joschik,

Welcome to the forums :)

This definitely shouldn't be happening if possible could you provide all the files in question regarding this issue and a screen recording of the steps you are taking to reach the end result? This will allow me to try it at my end and look into this further with you!



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Dear Callum,

thank you for taking care. Meanwhile I have a few more details. Enclosed information as good as I can provide:


 A1. Workflow (Original German)

  >Datei >Öffnen "test.jpg"
  >Datei >Speichern unter "test.afphoto"
Rechteck auswählen
  >Bearbeiten >Ausschneiden (Ctrl-X)
Rechteck wieder einfühgen
  >Bearbeiten >Einfügen (Ctrl-V)

  >Datei >Exportieren (Select PDF) >Exportieren

  >Mit Acrobat Pro DC öffnen, Version 20015.006.30498
  >PDF mit Rand um den ausgeschnittenen Bereich, siehe "test.png"

  >Ausdruck auf Papier erscheint ohne Markierungen "ok"
  >Öffnen mit Microsoft Edge erscheint ohne Markierungen "ok"


A2. Workflow (Closest Translation)

  >File >Open "test.jpg"
  >File >Save as "test.afphoto"
Select rectangle
  >Edit >Cut (Ctrl-X)
Re-insert rectangle
  >Edit >Paste (Ctrl-V)

  >File >Export (Select PDF) >Export "test.pdf"

  >Open with Acrobat Pro DC, Version 20015.006.30498
  >PDF with markings around cut/insert area, see "test.png"

  >Paper hardcopy appears without markings "ok"
  >Open/View with Microsoft Edge without markings "ok"





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