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Task Manager shows CPU use 100% and Memory, up to 84%

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I am running Windows 10 on an LG Desktop (LG =Life's Good). The desktop has an AMD processor 6 Core with 8 Mgs RAM. A number of days ago I, of course, updated to Version 1.7 of    A.P. The update is great, however, I now find the desktop struggling at key points (eg Refine Edge). Today I launched the Task Manager window and watched. I had a RAW file (NEF) and made a couple of basic alterations, then I "developed" the file to edit in Photo Persona. At one point the CPU usage was right up to 100%, though only fairly briefly. The Memory usage kept in the high 70's, low 80% and peaked at about 84%. No doubt that whilst Affinity Photo has grown even more sophisticated, it is also more demanding in terms of digital resources.

What message should I take from these readings please? What steps should I consider/not consider please?  Should I even think of doing something at all?  Because CPU use is only 100% briefly, then probably should not think of spending for a small gain?

Jafa - Just Another Fantastic Aucklander


Windows 10

Affinity Photo 1.7

Nik Collection

Amd processor 6 Core,  8 Mgs RAM

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