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See attached Publisher file, page 4. It has a yellow diamond shape that is part of the "English text" layer created on a master page. The object was created on page 4, where it is automatically placed outside of the master page layers, but then manually cut and pasted within the text, so that it gets embedded in the master page's English text layer. The objet can subsequently be defined as inline/non-inline, and its wrap settings can be specified. Everything works fine until I make some changes on other pages (at least on the master page, e.g., set the "English text" layer invisible, etc.).

When I come back the diamond shape can no longer be selected (other than from the Layers palette, but while the selection rectangle appears, nothing applied to the "selected" object itself takes effect, and the object cannot be deleted, either). Another problem is that the shape's text wrap settings affect to text on other layers, even if the layer containing the shape is hidden on the master page.

The file is an experiment to try to work around the problem of not having global layers available (so this is simulated by creating layers on the master page with linked text frames that allow the layer to automatically be copied on multple pages, and set visible/invisible in one go in the whole document), so probably not "intended use". But if the mentioned problem could be fixed, this would be a clever way to have graphic objects included on master page layers (but NOT as an object on master page itself) as non-inlined objects (as if anchored to the text frame).

EDIT: Noticed afterwards that this is intended behaviour. It is possible to edit the "ghost" object by selecting the Master page item on the Layers palette of the related pageĀ and then choose Edit detached from the context menu. This is actually a very useful feature and helpful when trying to simulate behaviour of global layers. The text wrap problem however still exists (ot at least I have not figured out yet how to disable the effect).


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