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Mark Oehlschlager

Page Options when Opening Pub Docs in Designer?

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I see now that Publisher (RC1) offers the option of importing multiple artboards within Designer and Photo documents as either spreads or as individual pages. Nice.

However, when moving in the opposite direction from Publisher (RC1) to Designer 1.7 or Photo 1.7,  Designer and Photo simply open the first page of a multi-page, facing-pages Publisher document. The other pages do not come in as individual artboards. Nor is the user prompted (assuming one just wants to open a single page) to select a particular page from the Publisher document to import.

Is this a bug, or just a yet to be implemented service?

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I suppose the two workflow scenarios imagined here would be:

  • taking a handful of page-layout sketches that may have been started in ADe or APh, and bringing them into APub as the basis from which to further develop the design of a book or long document
  • extracting a page from an APub book document, and bringing that one page into ADe or APh to develop/repurpose as a poster or other single-panel, non-book application

Are there others? 

Also, I'm led to wonder about the Designer and Photo personas built in to Publisher.

  • Would these persona buttons reveal a subset of Designer and Photo tools built in to Publisher, or would they simply be links to fully installed Designer and Photo apps?
  • Are these Designer and Photo personas meant to obviate the need to place embedded Designer/Photo art?

And then, apart from the question of personas, I wonder about Publisher's ability to insert and extract pages. 

  • Is there (or will there be) a method for inserting an artboard from either Designer or Photo into an existing Publisher document as a page?
  • Is there (or will there be) a method for moving or copying pages and masters from one Publisher document to another Publisher document?

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