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Phase One IIQ Files from Supported Cameras not opening.

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According to the list referenced by Affinity the Phase One IQ1 100MP and Phase One IQ3 100mp are both listed as supported RAW formats. Apple iOS supported RAW cameras.

In Affinity Photos for iPad the IQ3 100MP files will open properly and without error. Unfortunately the IQ1 100MP files will not open.

I receive the following error when opening files from the IQ1 100MP camera:

"/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/6EDABF1A-11DE-4215-93DD-92FE1D-B057CO/tmp/loading.iiq This file type is not supported"

I can provide sample files from both cameras for reference if requested. 

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Hey colorcodestudio,

I can open the XF100FAR200050.IIQ file but not the CF006380.IIQ file. Can you let me know if anything has changed since first posting and then we can look at getting this logged.

I'm so sorry about the late reply.

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Unfortunately I am still unable to open images from my IQ1 100MP in Affinity. Here's another sample raw file from a shoot this morning. This file came not from a CF card but was tethered directly to the Mac OS X 10.14.6 filesystem via USB-3. Not sure if that makes a difference in the actual files. 

EBC_2019-09-167563.iiq From iOS 13 beta 3 I was able to add a file to Affinity's local folder and have the thumbnail show up in the Affinity interface. This was something I either hadn't tried before or wasn't functional in iOS 12. When I tap the image to initiate the editing interface it still displays the same error. 

I have access to iPads with both 12 and 13 beta 3 and can test if you would like. 

Thank you very much for the response and any work your team can do to address this. 


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