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It's great we have arrows now and I use them a lot already. So thanks a lot for that!! This makes our lives so much more fun! :)

When creating a new object, this new object gets the same styling as currently set. So all new objects get the arrows and stroke settings applied when created.

While creating a new object, especially when just used a stroke with arrows, I am missing a single button to reset the stroke to a factory preset, like a line of 1 px, stroke disabled, but most importantly: no arrows selected (and set back to 100%). A reset stroke would be nice to use after using strokes with arrowheads to reset the stroke to the (in my opinion) most used strokes, which are just lines without arrows.



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Alright, I just found a button that resets all styling for the selected object to a 'default' setting (which we can obviously fill ourselfs with the blue button on the left next to it).

Funny how I never used thisone before and wasn't aware of it... eventhough it was so prominent in view all that time.

It's not really what I'm after, because this 'resets' everything, so the colors too, but it's definitely a helpful button!



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