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Hi everybody, I'm working with Affinity Designer for some weeks now but I'm new in this forum.


Just a question: is there a way to add some more color profiles, apart from those already included inside Affinity Designer? Or, if not, is this something that will be included sometimes in future?


I would like to have all my illustrations and files color managed the same way, despite they've been designed inside or outside Affinity Designer. And I don't like to make too many conversions through color profiles since you can lose precious info while converting from profile A to profile B.


I really like Affinity Designer, can't wait to be able to also manage Pantone colors and to export using standards for PDF like PDF/X etc




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Hi Maurizio,


Welcome to the forums.


You will need to install your colour profile within OS X, the colour profile needs to be copied into the following system folder.


Macintosh HD > Library > Colorsync > Profiles


Once the profile has been installed open Affinity Designer and select Affinity Designer > Preferences. The Colour tab has the drop down menus for you to change to the profile you have installed. You can also select a profile on the New Document window or change it on an existing document using the Document Setup button.

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