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Fujfilm RAW file not loading - affinity photo crashing

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I have some troubles using affinity photo v1.7.0.367 with fujifilm RAW files (XT2 camera), see attached files for example

PC conf is windows 10 (latest update), 16Go RAM, intel i7 3.4GHz, NVIDIA Gforce GTX650.

The problem is the following: when loading one single loseless compressed RAF file, it takes 20-30s to load if I let the automatic lens corrections and/or noise reduction and/or tone curve. If I turn these off it is much faster. Now if i try to load multiples RAF files (tried with 10-20 files together) with the automatic lens corrections or tone curve still active for example, affinity photo is running the computer full power but nothing happen and the computer completely freeze (no mouse movement, no keyboard, no possibility to end affinity, the only solution is to force the computer off manually). I would be glad to hear if you have a solution. I have purchase affinity photo to migrate from lightroom but in the current situation I would not recommend the software for fuji users.


Looking forward to your kind feeback.



20190608-Wakasa rainbow line park-3.raf

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Hi Mark, I have left the computer running for more than 15min and at the end, the files seemed to be loaded in affinity but everytime I tried to click on 1 image, no image displayed and no response from the software. I obviously do not know how the lens corrections and tone curve automatic adjustments run but I do not understand how this can block/crash the software. It is possible to live without but it is a nice feature than should be available by default. I hoped it helps and this can be fixed.



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Any feedback regarding the above mentioned issue?


By the way, I am now using LUT to apply fujifilm simulation to my images but I need for than to be in Photo persona meaning I have to develop my raw file and then make the whole editing in Photo because it doesn’t make sense to apply editing before applying the film simulation as it as a huge impact on vibrance, contrast, exposure and so on. Is there anyway to apply the LUT first in Develop persona ?

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